A literary analysis of slaughterhouse five

A study of the novel produces the following Slaughterhouse Five theme. The Destructiveness of War Comments: The central and unifying event in the novel is the fire bombing and complete destruction of Dresden during World War II. The boxcar doors were opened, and the doorways framed the loveliest city that most of the Americans had ever seen.

A literary analysis of slaughterhouse five

He gets out of bed, where his wife is sleeping, and, moving down the hallway, he understands that he is about to be abducted by aliens. He goes downstairs, knowing he has an hour till the abduction, and turns on the TV. The movie runs backward. Billy thinks he hears an owl outside but it is the flying saucer from Tralfamadore.


The war film shown in reverse is an obvious manipulation of time that goes from destruction to peacefulness, rather than the other way around—the normal progression of warfare. This is another example of the manipulation of time, and it represents a wish on the part of the author, and Billy, to undo the suffering war has created.

Pilgrim is sucked inside and greeted by a Tralfamadorian, who asks if he has any questions. There is no why. The notion that events simply happen as they do, as they are fated to happen, reappears throughout the book. The car is moving slowly across Germany.

No privates in the car wish to have Pilgrim next to them because he kicks in his sleep. He bemoans the fate of the Three Musketeers and asks someone to avenge him—to kill Billy Pilgrim, whom Weary holds responsible for his injury and subsequent death.

On the tenth day they reach the POW camp, originally built to exterminate Russian prisoners.

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Both Weary and the hobo die on the same day, and their approaches to death are opposed. The hobo dies still believing that life in the railcar as a POW is not so bad as life as a hobo in peacetime.

Weary, on the other hand, rages at his misfortune, at his bad luck, and seeks someone to blame. Thus he wishes that Billy pay the price for his own unlucky death.

A literary analysis of slaughterhouse five

From a pile of clothing left behind by dead prisoners he is given a very small, frozen coat. Vonnegut announces that, in 68 days, Derby will be executed by firing squad. This passage introduces Edgar Derby in more detail—a good man with a family, not unlike the man Billy will become, whose poor luck leads him to be executed, but who is in many respects the opposite of Weary.

Active Themes Paul Lazzaro, a skinny car thief from Illinois, is introduced. Then he is playing golf, a middle-aged optometrist. The Tralfamadorian replies that free will is a concept created and used only by human beings on earth.

Again free will is tied to the notion of time-travel and four-dimensional time.Slaughterhouse five so it goes essay writer.

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Stanford dissertation numbers chicago essay importance of. Analysis of Slaughterhouse-Five, a Novel Written by Kurt Vonnegut Words | 5 Pages. Slaughterhouse-Five, a novel written by Kurt Vonnegut, tells the story of the devastating effects of war on a man, Billy Pilgrim, who joins the army fight in World War II.

The article is a biography of Vonnegut’s literary career, but it also gives analysis of his most famous works including Slaughterhouse-Five. Since Vonnegut is a narrator of the book and his experience heavily influenced the novel, I thought it was important to.

A short summary of Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse-Five.

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This free synopsis covers all the crucial plot points of Slaughterhouse-Five. Literary Devices in Slaughterhouse-Five Symbolism, Imagery, Allegory After the bombing of Dresden, Billy Pilgrim and several POWs return to the slaughterhouse to pick up souvenirs.

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