Advantage of arranged marriage

Most modern-thinking single men and women repel the idea of their marriage pre-determined by others, not even their own parents.

Advantage of arranged marriage

Tweet on Twitter Modern Indians are scared of arranged marriages The advantages of arranged marriage are not apparent. Educated Indians and those living in cities seem to be running away from arranged marriages because of valid reasons.

Here are some of the reasons people hate arranged marriage: Some Indians and westerns confuse arranged marriages with forced marriages. While child marriages and forced marriages are still prevalent in India, arranged marriages are not bad if you can still have the final say about who you will marry.

Matrimony sites have done their bit to create a scare among young Indians about arranged marriages. Their stereotyped approach to matchmaking provides very little incentive for men and women to use these sites and only reinforces everything wrong about arranged marriages.

Matrimony ads in newspapers provide fodder for ridicule.

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Click here to check out some funny matrimonial ads for arranged marriages. Exposure to dating apps and increase in international travel has exposed young Indians to alternatives for arranged marriages that seems more aligned to the current context. Advantages of arranged marriage: Goodbye to dating pressures: The challenge of finding someone who can fall in love with you and sign up to get married is difficult.

Finding the love of your life on your own is like playing Russian Roulette. You can win or get shot badly. Introvert men and women find it difficult to express themselves or approach people from the opposite sex. No matter how modern you are, striking a conversation with a stranger or asking someone out is a difficult challenge that has spawned an entire industry of dating gurus.

Say goodbye to heartbreaks: Taylor Swift bases almost all her songs on failed relationships and makes the most out of them.

Advantage of arranged marriage

Unfortunately, for lesser mortals, all we are left with is heartbreak and rejection. There is no such issue in arranged marriages. When prospective matches turn you down in arranged marriages, there is a limited emotional attachment to worry about! The intent of matchmaking through arranged marriages is very clear.Arranged marriage is a type of marriage which is arranged by parents or some elderly members of the family.

It is more in the nature of a marriage between the families and not individuals. The entire process of marriage is decided by .

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But the arranged marriage of today allows for a brief courting period and hell, even input and approval by the boy and girl!

Today’s brides and grooms can either give a thumbs up or down to their future mate, similar to a Facebook “like”. What side of the fence you’re in affects your point of view regarding the advantages and disadvantages of arranged marriages.

Perhaps there are only advantages. Or no advantage at all. Your cultural upbringing and religious convictions are strong determinants of where you stand on this issue. But. Home Advantages and Disadvantages Arranged Marriage Advantages and Disadvantages List. Advantages and Disadvantages; Arranged Marriage Advantages and Disadvantages List.


Advantage of arranged marriage

Crystal Lombardo - Apr 1, 0. Participating in an arranged marriage can make you feel much closer to your family, and your culture. Arranged marriages are no longer popular in today’s generation, but many religious groups and traditional families continue to uphold this practice. Most modern-thinking single men and women repel the idea of their marriage pre-determined by others, not even their own parents.

An arranged marriage closely follows age-old tradition and values, so it brings you closer to your roots. It safeguards the legacy of your culture or belief system, and .

17 Advantages of Arranged Marriage For Modern Indians