Argos entry in china

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Argos entry in china

What issues are you concerned about here? What, if anything, can you do??

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Argos, a UK based retailer of general merchandise and other related products has been a common household name throughout the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland. Its three-fold strategy focusing on choice, value and convenience had led the company to go leaps and bounds over the past few years, boosting the sales as high as?

According to a recent Global Monitor survey, the Chinese consumers appear to value the selection and variety of clothing items more than their prices. After a successful launch in Spain, Argos is now planning to expand its business to China.

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This paper examines the various issues which Argos must take under consideration while planning to launch its very first retail outlet in China.

The decision to expand your business across borders can be quite a crucial one. These four dimensions include 1. Administrative and Political Distance 3. However, before stepping within this market Argos, must not only take into account the four distance dimensions mentioned above but also carry out a thorough analysis of its competition in the Chinese market as well.

Thus if Argos move to China, it will definitely face fierce competition but at the same time, Argos is one the finest retailers of UK and with time it can gain a strong foothold in China.Argos hit as kidney cancer immunotherapy fails phase III trial Study discontinued as data shows renal cell carcinoma vaccine unlikely to meet targets Argos Therapeutics' hopes of bringing lead cancer immunotherapy rocapuldencel-T to market anytime soon have been dashed after it .

Tseng ; Zebregs., ) * Argos’ Competition in China But once it opens a branch in China, Argos will face cut throat competition from competitors like Shanghai Brilliance, Beijing Gome Electric Appliance, Wumart Group, Carrefour China, NGS Supermarket, Chinavasion, etc.

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• Ensure timely entry of the goods in order to achieve the service level Agreement • Follow up of Orders, Suppliers and Import Process. • Teamwork with internal customers and external suppliers in order to ensure the service level and improvement Buyer at Cementos Argos.

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Argos entry in china

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