Duke university senior thesis

Communication Sciences Master of Arts The principal goal of the Master of Arts program is to develop clinical scientists who are skilled in the management of individuals with speech and language disorders. Upon successful completion of the Master of Arts degree, students will also meet the academic and clinical practicum requirements for certification by ASHA and licensure in the State of Ohio. Degree requirements include completion of 42 credit hours of course work and a clinical practicum in communication disorders. CHSC serves as the primary training site for graduate students enrolled in clinical practice.

Duke university senior thesis

The controversy[ edit ] Shortly before graduating from Duke University in MayKaren Owen wrote a thesis styled document about her sexual experiences during her time attending the university.

She privately distributed the document to three friends. In mid-Septemberduring Homecoming weekend, one of these friends decided to forward it onward, and the document went viral.

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The bulk of the controversy surrounded whether she invaded her partners' rights to privacyand whether the subjects of Owen's faux thesis have a right to sue, as was done in the case of Jessica Cutler when Cutler published details of her sex life on a blog.

She won a scholarship to attend Duke and was a very avid sports fan during her time there. She stated "that fraternities 'make lists like this all the time. Special Victims Unit aired an episode called "Rescue", based on the story of Karen Owen's faux sex thesis.

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The Online Writing Lab (OWL) at Purdue University houses writing resources and instructional material, and we provide these as a free service of the Writing Lab at Purdue. Graduate Studies. Ours is a vibrant, cohesive department aimed at the highest standards of scholarship.

Faculty and students at the master's and doctoral levels pursue studies that address fundamental questions in the Earth and environmental sciences, spanning deep .

Duke university senior thesis

Northern Michigan University's Lydia M. Olson Library, located in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Homepage. The capstone of this program is a research paper — the honors thesis — completed during the senior year of the economics major.

It represents a degree of research and critical thinking sufficiently complex and sophisticated to require two to three semesters' worth of work.

Above: Abena Ansah-Yeboah, undergraduate University Scholar, proudly displays the banner for the Duke University Class of Shadman Uddin presents his poster for his senior thesis in Public Policy.

Duke university senior thesis

Shadman Mohammed Uddin Hometown: Roswell, GA.

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