Girl fight film critique

They are listed in the order of their release. Romance Papa Shin Sang-ok's Romance Papa begins with the artifice of introductions of each character. These introductions are a vestige of the radio play from which this story originated, but it does help this viewer from the future navigate between these characters from the past since the times required that actors and actresses of similar ages play characters much younger than themselves. Still, in some ways such introductions are unnecessary since fashion signifies their ages.

Girl fight film critique

But when her new friends learn about some negative comments she posted about them on a social networking site, the young women decide to teach her a lesson by viciously beating her up with the intention of posting a video of the attack online.

Seriously injured, Haley and her parents played by Anne Heche and James Tupper find themselves trying to make sense of the social norms and laws that govern the modern world of online information and social media while seeking justice. Continue reading Show less Is it any good?

Girl fight film critique

But the overall film is successful in sending some very strong and clear anti-bullying messages. It also identifies some of the real emotional and legal consequences that results from posting acts of bullying, and other inappropriate behavior, on the Internet.

Girl fight film critique

The movie highlights some of the disturbing trends that are appearing on the Internet thanks to the widespread use of computers, smartphones, and social networking sites. It also notes how the easy access to digital media outlets is motivating people looking for fame or notoriety to post inappropriate material online.

Throughout it all, it underscores the need for responsibility, regulation, and parental guidance when it comes to communicating online. Continue reading Show less Talk to your kids about Families can talk about responsibly using the Internet and online social networking sites.

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What is okay and not okay to post online? What exactly is cyberbullying?


Why is being bullied online as bad as being physically bullied in school or around your neighborhood? Whose at risk of being bullied online? Why is it important to speak up if you know or see that someone is being bullied online?Sep 17,  · Dramatic anti-bullying movie raises social media issues.

Girlfight Movie Review

Read Common Sense Media's Girl Fight review, age rating, and parents guide.3/5. Jun 11,  · Girl Fight tells the story of a girl who gets beaten severely by some of her classmates and those girls post the video over Internet. Then the beaten girl’s parents seek justice for what has happened to their daughter.

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