Jest and earnest in chaucers work essay

Instead of applause, there was the truer and more appropriate tribute of silence when Hemstead finished the mosaic of a story which, by the various narratives, had been developed so differently and yet characteristically.

Jest and earnest in chaucers work essay

The author himself was very aware of the Catholic Liturgy as shown in different passages from this book. These Tales are intended to an audience who is, as Chaucer himself, outraged by the corruption of the Church, as Rosenfeld points out: On the other hand Chaucer was a devout Catholic.

Different clergymen are characterized in The Canterbury Tales, and not all of them are shown as corrupt.

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In the Prologue, Chaucer describes the Parson who unlike the Friar is not a member of a religious order as a pious and dedicated clergyman: This description of the Parson seems to coincide with the ideal of a priest in the eyes of Chaucer.

The Church was a dominant institution in Medieval England, and along with that power came corruption. The portrait of the Parson as a man of God contrasts with the other eight clergymen described in the Tales.


The Prioress is most concerned about letting everyone know that she speaks French, and has ridiculously perfect manners at the table, far from fulfilling her religious vows of piety and frugality: He seems to be only interested in money.

And he is so cynical he will confess it to his audience, and afterwards try to pull one of his tricks and sell them his fake relics. This official would, for a quart of wine allow a man to live with his concubine for a full year: Rich cathedrals, gold ornaments contrasted with the misery in which most people lived back then.

His critical views are by no means radical but mainstream with what most people thought in those times. It is not a coincidence that Reform was just around the corner. His famous Retraction, and his methodical adherence to Liturgy show that Chaucer was a fervent Catholic and never intended the Tales to be used against the Church.

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The Tales reflect the state of corruption of the Church at the time but Chaucer points his finger to the weaknesses of the human soul Choose Type of service.Jest and Earnest in Chaucer's Work Words Jun 22nd, 10 Pages Geoffrey Chaucer was born in London around , though the details are vague at best, and lived until As adjectives the difference between honest and earnest is that honest is (of a person or institution) scrupulous with regard to telling the truth; not given to swindling, lying, or fraud; upright while earnest is.

Jest and Earnest: A Collection of Essays and Reviews, Volume I Paperback – 21 Aug We believe this work is culturally important and have elected to bring the book back into print as part of our continuing commitment to the preservation of printed works worldwide.

Jest and earnest in chaucers work essay

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Chaucer’s Knight is the true epitome of a soldier. According to the narrators description, he has killed many men and has traveled the world, including Russia, Spain, Prussia, Lithuania, Africa and many other places.

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