Julian assange hero or criminal my

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Julian assange hero or criminal my

Tweet According to the critics of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, his release of confidential diplomatic documents needlessly put lives in danger, particularly those of American diplomats and their sources.

They acknowledge that Mr. Assange unilaterally decided to open up a treasure trove of diplomatic cables that were not intended for release to the public.

But they see, first, that a generation or two of students and professors of international relations, in the United States and elsewhere, will probably want to thank him enthusiastically for aiding their future scholarship.

And second, according to many who have read a good chunk of the cables, U. Better yet, some of the cables embarrassed foreign governments due to their pinpoint accuracy of the faux nature of their leaders in ways that stimulated the dissatisfaction of the street, especially the Arab street.

Formerly hapless protestors now had actual evidence of the duplicity of their leaders. Given the fact that the reporting came from the diplomatic staffs of the United States, their main or at least a pivotal ally, made them all the more authoritative and indisputable.

But what about the charge that it is reckless to publish these materials, as they may well have endangered lives? First, WikiLeaks and the newspapers it works with actually make an active effort to redact sensitive information, such as names, when that information could pose a direct security threat.

Second, if you address this topic with U. Assange, but rather about their colleagues. Many of the cables in question disregarded the most basic rules that are drilled into young consulars in the early days of their diplomatic careers. In other words, if the cable writers had worked according to script, they would have remembered to obscure the names and descriptions of their in-country contacts to the point of plausible deniability.

For all the potential quibbles with Mr. Seeking to promote interagency cooperation by creating a unified infrastructure with all-too-open access by anybody inside the system, was a strategic oversight of stunning proportions. The biggest misdeed Mr. Assange exposed did not concern the informational substance of the data package, but the fact that the U.

The databases from which these documents were drawn should have not been as integrated or so easily accessible to a lowly soldier. For exposing this breathtaking weakness in the U.

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Just imagine it had not been he, but, say, the Chinese who had tapped into this rich vein and had kept it all secret as they undoubtedly would have. In the end, what he did was not just act as a mere whistleblower. He imposed the embarrassment equivalent of treble damages onto the U. The only proper response to what Julian Assange did is definitely not for U.

Rather, he ought to be thanked for the very dramatic shock he delivered. Given the billions and billions it spends on data security, the U.

More on this topic.Explosive: A Review Of Fake Medical Tests March 5 | From: JonRappoport Over the years, during my investigations of deep fraud, I’ve uncovered very popular medical diagnostic tests that are wrong-headed, misleading, and fallacious. Personal life. Julian Paul Hawkins was born on 3 July in Townsville, Queensland, to Christine Ann Hawkins (b.

), a visual artist, and John Shipton, an anti-war activist and builder. The couple separated prior to his birth. When Julian Hawkins was a year old, his mother married Richard Brett Assange, an actor, with whom she ran a small theatre company and whom Assange regards as his. Julian Assange Hero or Villain?

The question of whether WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, whose organization can be credited with releasing thousands of classified documents from various countries, is a hero or a villain depends entirely on one’s political opinions. Julian Assange, Hero or Criminal: My Reasons for Supporting Him Essay.

The evidence is growing that murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich leaked over 44, emails to Wikileaks. Democrats assert that the Russians hacked into the DNC’s emails.

Julian assange hero or criminal my

However, Julian Assange of Wikileaks maintains that the Russians didn’t do it. n the past weeks Julian Assange has been seen as everything from a folk hero to a traitor who according to one local anonymous resident “deserves to be hanged.”.

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