Life factors

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Life factors

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This includes age and sex of the policyholder among other things. The factors that can increase your life insurance rates are: Weight and obesity - Medical statistics suggest that the heavier you are, the higher the chances of chronic medical conditions and ill health.

Being overweight leads to high cholesterol, blood pressure, and a propensity for heart attacks, diabetes and stroke. If you really want to lower your premiums, start exercising and losing those pounds. Obese people can end up paying more than 50 percent in terms of life insurance rates so a diet regime will help create a healthier body as well as lighten the load on your wallet.

Smoking - Smoking is another big no-no where life insurance is concerned. Non-smokers pay lower premiums than smokers do and even if you only smoke two cigarettes a day, smoke a pipe occasionally or even chew tobacco, you will be lumped into the category of smokers according to most insurance companies.

Stop smoking immediately and in as little as a year of being tobacco free, you could be eligible for lower non-smoker premium rates.

Alcohol abuse - If you are a heavy drinker or have been for years even if you were an alcoholic onceinsurance companies take all these details into consideration and hike up the rate of your policy.

Alcohol abuse like drug abuse is considered highly detrimental to your health and most companies view this as a negative habit. What are factors which helped early humans transition from nomadic life to a life of settlement?

What are the factors responsible for wild life depletion? Wildlife Depletion in Philippines. Biologists estimate that there are at least 35 species of plants and animals found in Philippines.

The problem is the rate at which wildlife species become extinct. Dioscoro Rabor, a well-known Filipino field biologist, noted that, with the rapid reduction of our forest cover, birds in the Philippine forest disappear faster than scientists can even identify them.

Of course new species continue to appear i. But the rate of extinction estimated to be species per day worldwide exceeds that of speciation, since it takes some to generations for new species to evolve. Why is the secretion of intrinsic factor by the stomach essential for life? B12 is necessary for carbohydrate, protein and fat to be used by the boy but most importantly b12 is necessary for all cells in the body especially red blood cells to work properly; if deficient in the body the person may develop pernicious anemia due to the excessive destruction of immature blood cells or the lack of their production due to a lack of vitamin b12 as well as other problems such as problems with the nervous system sue to the fact that b12 is used to cover nerve cells thus the lack of vitamin b12 can also get to the brain and in kill the person.

As a result the intrinsic factor is essential for life as there will be vitamin vb12 deficiency if there is no intrinsic factor to help the boy absorb it. Another important fact is that vitamin b12 is absorbed with the help of the intrinsic factor by cubulin receptors in the ileum of the small intestine.

What factor makes life possible on earth?

Life factors

What are two factors that make earth suitable for life? Quite a few, but the three main ones being an abundance of oxygenin the atmosphere and liquid water, which are both essential forlife as we know it to exist here on earth. The other is the properdistance from the sun which gives us the right amount of heatenergy needed to heat up the planet just enough to maintain waterin a liquid form and also gives us sunlight for plants tophotosythesize and exist, which in turn take in the carbon dioxidewe breath out and turn it into oxygen which we need.

Life eitheradapts to this or it does not.

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Sometimes it does not. How environment is a vital factor in the life of a cell? Water is a vital component of any living cell, and this layer around the cell The F factor which determines the role of the cell in sexual Cell Behavior and Salt Water How, then, do fish and other forms of marine life survive in a salt-water environment?

One vital process closely linked to osmosis is dialysis, which is critical toJul 16,  · Lifestyle factors, including age when starting a family, nutrition, weight management, exercise, psychological stress, cigarette smoking, recreational and prescription drugs use, alcohol and caffeine consumption, environmental and occupational exposures, preventative care, and other behaviors are modifiable and may impact fertility.

A life factor can be absolutely anything you wish to track, e.g. diet, exercise regime, mood, energy levels, medications taken, dreams and just about anything else you can think of.

You will see them plotted on a chart and that will allow you to visually relate them to each other and your diary entries. Life factors can have a big impact and effect on an individuals life for the better or worse, some life factors can be life changing and shape your future.

Life factors can effect your PIES- Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Social development Life factor- Bullying.

Life factors

Being bullied can affect your. In this presentation I will explain the potential effects of five different life factors on the development of an individual. These five life factors are genetic, biological, environmental, socio-economic and lifestyle.

Lauren is a 26 year old singer who was famous from a young age. She has asthma. Nov 15,  · Lifestyle factor means the way in which a person lives their lifeso as to determine their quality of life. Lifestyle factors includestress, smoking, consumption of alcohol, di et and exercise.

If you want to increase your level of income and achieve the best life for yourself, you must increase your level of intellectual capital and thereby the value of the knowledge component of what you are doing. 2. Skill. The second of the nine success factors that you can use to .

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