Lycanthropy debut albums and lovely home

Caina - Mourner Ah, Caina. The first Caina album was an interesting affair - portions of soft, dream-effected guitars giving way to raging, buzzing black metal - yet it suffered from messiness and incoherent ideas.

Lycanthropy debut albums and lovely home

It is also a notably good year for instrumental and hardcore albums. There were a handful of disappointing sophomore records; however, with that being said, my favourite album and possibly some of the finest music ever created came from a sophomore release.

Please take a look at the following list and like previous years, I encourage you tell me your favourite albums of the year, I look forward to all your comments!

Ps, I took elements from the top 30 cover art to make the banner above, how many can you spot? There are some very Hidden ones! Latin My top 30 list opens with Latin, one of several great instrumental albums of the year; but unfortunately, it is also one of only two Canadian albums on this list you can probably guess the other one.

The Soft Pack A fast pace, upbeat album full of catchy, positive and carefree surf rock songs, "Answer to Yourself" is definitely one of the best songs of !

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White Guilt Very loud and abusive to my eardrums—love it! Peaceful, calming and atmospheric, what standouts for me is the weird sci-fi like effects throughout the record.

Everything in Between Same old same old King Night Melodically dark and mysteriously distorted beats, a highly additive record. The Social Network Soundtrack Another instrumental album on the list. The 19 tracks on The Social Network Soundtrack is surprising engaging.

Total Life Forever A wonderfully epic, moody and stylish album with some very memorable tracks—"Spanish Sahara" is one of my favourite songs of the year! The Suburbs The first Arcade Fire album to entre my year-end list.

We Were Exploding Anyway An insanely hyper, intense and explosive album full of killer guitar melodies and crashing drum beats Root Of All Evil Holy shit, what a year for hardcore music! Drone metal build-ups and hardcore deliver. King Of The Beach A clever mix of pop, punk, and psychedelic makes for some of the catchiest and most memorable songs of the year.

Lycanthropy debut albums and lovely home

For some strange reason, I love making breakfast to this album Matsson makes great breakfast making albums! Becoming A Jackal Fantastic and unforgettable lyrics make for an absolutely beautiful record. High Violet Another acclaimed band I only got into this year.

The Monitor is grand and celebratory with Decemberists-like stories and Gaslight Anthem-like punk attitudes Rohnert Park Classic straight hardcore sound combine with the perfect dose of experimentation—Rohnert Park is without a doubt, one of the best hardcore albums I've heard in recently years.

Halcyon Digest The most accessible and arguably one of the best releases Bradford Cox has ever created. I pretty much never want this album to end—that sudden stop in "He Would Have Laughed" kills me every time. Green humourous and cocky attitude, Alive Till I'm Dead is unbelievably fun and entertaining, a near perfect pop record.

Infinite Arms Surprise of the year! Months after the album was released, I finally listened to it because my friend gave me his CD. I fell in love with it and bought it on vinyl. Infinite Arms is a prefect marriage of pop, rock and folk sound.

Dear Companion The central idea behind Dear Companion is to express the members' love for nature—in particular the Appalachian Mountains.

Not only is the album remarkably gorgeous and moving; it is an environmentally conscious as well. It is full of catchy melodies and brilliant lyrics. My favourite video of Learning is the most beautiful record of the year!


Pulled Apart By Horses Being a long time fan of the band through their amazing collection of 7-inchs and EPs, this was a long-await debut that ended up being everything I expected plus more.

An insanely high-energy record, it is loud, heavy and aggressive Hidden Hidden was the first album I recommended in and it was also by far the best and my most listened to album of the year. In a year where I was disappointed by a lot of follow-ups, Hidden is the one album that completely surpasses its predecessor, which is pretty impressive consider that Beat Pyramid was my third favourite album of The first time I head the album, I was blown away by the mysterious atmosphere, the killer rhythms and drumbeats, the grand sound and incredible production.

It is uniquely modest for its colossal stature.Okay, aside from having one awesome song name, what does this song have going for it? Well, first of all, it's by Bikini Machine, a French band named for the titular contraption in the camp flick Dr.

Goldfoot and the Bikini's not much on the interwebs about them, alas, but they do have a few albums . Introducing is a sharp debut album packed with taut guitar buzz and dreamy melodies, neatly expanding on the promise of those in-demand 7-inch singles.

Clocking in at barely twenty-four minutes, its focus and concision perfectly encapsulate where pop should be in The village was the home and final hiding place of James and Lily Potter before being murdered by Lord Voldemort on 31 October managing to remain standing only by magic.

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