Public school is better than homeschool essay

Regular schools in the real world seem to breed particular behaviors and feelings.

Public school is better than homeschool essay

Pay only for approved parts Argumentative Essay Sample on Homeschooling Posted on May 14, by EssayShark Introduction Homeschooling refers to the process of educating children at home instead of sending them to public schools which are shared by students from different families.

It happens when a child learns subjects taught in standard schools at home either by parents, brothers, sisters, or students from the neighborhood. Homeschooling is not for everyone. As we shall see later, it has been found out that homeschooling has its pros and cons and demands a lot of courage and commitment to make things go through.

Arguments Against Homeschooling A parent may be having good quality education but may not be qualified to be a teacher. Teaching is an art that requires talent and ability to understand better the physiology of the child, and to do that you must have attended a course or training towards education of children.

In this case, special needs of homeschooled children are not met because a trained teacher is not available to guide him or her. Some children at a certain stage require special learning aids and tutors who have had experience with many kids before; therefore they must be given proper guidance that might impact their education positively.

Similarly, certain subjects require different methods of teaching aids and a parent may know only one method and may therefore train their child with an outdated tactic that may not reflect the current trends. Parents, having to manage work and household responsibilities while devoting some of their time to the education of their children, a situation known as homeschool burnout, become tired and stressed due to teaching for long hours at a stretch compared to many teachers that standard schools offer and would therefore not result in this scenario.

I do agree with this argument because a parent intending to homeschool their children may have created a specific timetable for teaching the children and will have to follow standard procedures in teaching.

Because they devote their time to teaching, they would be looking for updates in the curriculum and update according to the world trends.

Friendship in schools will help them learn the importance of sharing and being there for one another as opposed to being dependent only on their families and friends. This is actually the most critical argument that is leveled against homeschooling: In a standard setting where children go to school, they are exposed to diverse cultural backgrounds and promote interpersonal skills as opposed to homeschooling, where this aspect is lacking, thus proving detrimental to the child.

Schools give the children an opportunity to participate in various social activities for example debates, sports and other competitions.

Argumentative Essay Sample on Home Schooling

In standard schools, the progressive periodic tests given to the children prepare them for the next level which they mark symbolically by moving to the next physical class.

The child sees that he or she is progressing in life physically and will even work harder so as to continue moving to the next level.

Public school is better than homeschool essay

At home, this symbolism is not replicated as there is only one house, hence the child does not get the progressive feeling of learning. The competition provided for by the other children in a school setting makes the child to seek improvement every term, and this increases the quality of his progress in academics, growth and development Moor.

I do oppose the third and the second claim that homeschooled children do not take regular exams as well when they are isolated. Isolation is not an issue to reject homeschooling.Homeschooling vs Public School (Argumentative Essay) May 19, by admin Argumentative Essay, Essay Samples, Some parents believe that homeschooling is better than public schooling and reverse is also true to some parents.

Many parents see the expenses of homeschool as less than that of public schools. In a homeschool, there are no. Essay on Homeschooling VS Public Schooling.

Essay on Home Schooling vs Public School Home schooling can sometimes provide a more direct and focused education than public schools, Public School is better in many ways including the child’s social development.

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I. Home Schooling vs. Public Schooling II. Attending public school comes with its own challenges, but homeschool is not always the better option.

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Before you decide to homeschool your child, take the time to thoroughly consider your options and explore them from all angles. Comparing Homeschooling and Public Schooling in America. The first comparison will be the learning environment for both public school and homeschool.

With homeschool, you are assured that your child is in a calm and safe environment every day. Homeschooling opens a student up to new ideas, cultures, beliefs, and ethics that a student wouldn't find in a public school.

Many people have a paradigm that homeschooling is merely a way for parents to keep their children from the world and everyday things public schooled students have to deal with.

Public Education A common concern that most parents experience when their child begins school is which is best for their child’s educational development, homeschool or public school.

I myself was taught in both homeschool and public school off and on throughout my elementary and high school years.

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