Rfid tags essay

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Rfid tags essay

Essay: RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) - Essay UK Free Essay Database

Different varieties of RFID tags can be found in market based on their functionalities. RFID tags can be attached to any object. A tags chip can contain data related to any product like manufacture name, model no etc. It can also stores more information as compare to barcode. It has been widely used in application like tracking system like inventory tracking system.

Although RFID reader has longer read range as compare to barcode. It can be also used to identifying objects concurrently. Prof can take attendance of the entire class at a time instead of taking attendance one by one.

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Following figure shows basic working of RFID technology. It was developed in s as theft prevention system. That was based on tags that can store a bit.

Rfid tags essay

That bit was read when customer lefts stores and system would ring alarm if bit was not unset. In the end seventies RFID was used for animal tagging. W1 Active tags 2 Passive tags and 3 Semi passive tags.

It can transmit stronger signal. It has longer read range up to meters. Its main drawback is that is dependent on battery life. It is costly as compare to passive RFID tags.

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Its size is relatively same as deck of playing card. The lifetime of Active tag is up to 5 years. Since the lack of a battery, passive tags are the smallest and cheapest tags available It transmits weaker signal. Its size is smaller and it is also cheaper as compare to Active tags.

Because of above advantage passive tags are used most commonly in market. It can be read tags up to few meters 10 cm to few meters. It is long lasting because it do not contains internal power source. Because of this advantage chip can respond faster to queries as compare to passive tags. It is also costly as compare to passive RFID tag.

As well as in semi passive RFID tags the antenna is not required for collecting power that is why it can be optimally used for back scattering and therefore increasing the reading range. Because the tag does not use any energy from the field the back scattered signal is much stronger and increasing the range even further.

Therefore, a semi-active tag has usually a range larger than a passive tag. In hospital RFID can be used in tracking of equipment, tracking the current location of doctor and restrict access to drug and other sensitive material.


It can also be used in identify vehicle as being either military or non military. Because they are enough fast for almost all the applications, however for larger amounts of datathe time required for a tag has to stay in a readers range will increase.

Advantage of LF tag is that low they are least affected by the presence of fluids or metal. The disadvantage of such tags is their short reading range 2 High frequency HF, 10 — 15MHz This types of tags have higher transmission rates and ranges but also more expensive than LF tags.

Smart tags are the most common example of HF tags and they work at Frequency range for UHF tags is differ for different countries. UHF tags have the higher transmission rate, which allows reading a tag in a very short time.

This feature is important where tagged items are moving with a high speed and remain only for a short time in a readers range. UHF tags are also more expensive than any other tag and they are severely affected by fluids and metal.Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is an automatic identification method, relying on storing and remotely retrieving data using devices called RFID tags or transponders 1 / transportation.

Rfid tags essay

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Answer. Radio Frequency Identification or RFID is a technology that has existed for decades. At a simple level, it is a technology that involves tags that emit radio signals and devices called readers that pick up the signal. Use of a credit card, debit card or check can directly link someone's identity to the product purchased.

In addition to this function, the FDA approved the “Verichip”, a microchip embedded under the skin, which is able to convey medical information in . Abstract’RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) uses radio wave to identify an object.

It’s mainly used to automatic identification of object in similar manner to barcode but it is not replacement of barcode. RFID vs Barcodes - Radio frequency identification (RFID) is a computerized ID innovation that uses radio recurrence waves to exchange information between an onlooker and things that have RFID gadgets, or tags, joined.

Essay: Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) - Essay UK Free Essay Database