Voting rights

The committee eventually approved the bill on May 12, but it did not file its committee report until June 1. The bill was next considered by the Rules Committeewhose chair, Howard W. Smith D-VAopposed the bill and delayed its consideration until June 24, when Celler initiated proceedings to have the bill discharged from committee. It would have allowed the Attorney General to appoint federal registrars after receiving 25 serious complaints of discrimination about a jurisdiction, and it would have imposed a nationwide ban on literacy tests for persons who could prove they attained a sixth-grade education.

Voting rights

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Voting rights

Four things happened yesterday that pose a grave danger to voting rights. Russian hackers targeted election systems in 21 states inaccording to intelligence officials.

Related Article Ari Berman 2. Kobach has a very well-documented record of making wildly misleading claims about voter fraud and enacting policies that sharply limit access to the ballot in his home state of Kansas.

Sign Up For Take Action Now All four of these actions would be disturbing on their own, but taken together they represent an unprecedented attack on voting rights by the Trump administration and Republican Congress.

The actions by Kobach, in particular, appear to mark the beginning of a nationwide voter-suppression campaign, based on spreading lies about voter fraud to justify enacting policies that purge the voter rolls, and make registration and voting more difficult.

How would Kobach use this data?

Felon Voting Rights

Look at his efforts in Kansas. Look at what happened when Virginia used the program inas I reported in my recent New York Times magazine profile of Kobach: The data was littered with errors: Kobach has already said that he plans to compare voter lists with government databases of noncitizens—another reason he needs the data from states—even though such databases are not designed for that purposeas I also reported: But that Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements database does not automatically reveal the status of immigrants who become U.

Voting rights

Why does he want to do this? By making voter fraud seem rampant, he can build support for policies like requiring documentary proof of citizenship to register to votewhich has blocked one in seven Kansans from registering since Nearly half of them are under Kobach says he wants to see proof-of-citizenship laws and similar voting restrictions adopted in every state.

Republicans have no desire to prevent another hack from Moscow, but they are dead set on limiting voting rights at home.The Voting Rights Act of is a landmark piece of federal legislation in the United States that prohibits racial discrimination in voting.

It was signed into law by President Lyndon B. Johnson during the height of the Civil Rights Movement on August 6, , and Congress later amended the Act five times to expand its protections.


Designed to enforce the voting rights guaranteed by the. Report a possible voting rights abuse to the Secretary of State () or to your local election official. Cast a provisional ballot if your name does not appear on the list of registered voters.

If Reproductive Rights Depend on Voting Rights, Then Voter Suppression is Yet Another Attack on Reproductive Rights The reproductive lives of people of color, young people, LGBT folks and people in low-income communities are greatly at . When President Lyndon B.

Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act of into law, exactly 50 years ago on Thursday, he noted that the day was “a triumph for freedom as huge as any victory that has. The Department of Justice has withdrawn from the Voting Section’s website the guidance information regarding termination of coverage under Section 4(a) of the Voting Rights Act (i.e., bailout) from certain of the Act’s special provisions.

Campaigns and Elections; Voting Rights; Voter suppression; The Trump Administration Is Planning an Unprecedented Attack on Voting Rights The Trump Administration Is Planning an Unprecedented.

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