Why europe

However, in some countries, such as France and Sweden, the Muslim share of the population is higher. These demographic shifts have already led to political and social upheavals in many European countries, especially in the wake of the recent arrival of millions of asylum seekers, many of whom are Muslims.

Why europe

Why do you embark on explaining for others, like some expert, things that you obviously have no clue about?

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Take it down, or continue to make a fool of yourself. Did you read a different article? The article is very good. Geoff I would like to know where you all get your biased brainwashed information from.

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Far less heat production, less fires. Double the transmission distance, less current, less fires The U. To summarise, Edison was a fraud, he only patented the light bulb and Tesla only was trying to facilitate the already running 20 years earlier European system.

Johnathan Wuethrich 20v can kill u…So can an airplane crashing into you as u walk through the the north pole. Are the odds worth worrying? Tiny voltage drops over short v lines within a home or neighborhood are not much of an issue. John You are correct, but both things you said mean the exact same thing: You jump from one idea to the next with very little transition.

I learned a little but felt like I wanted to go stuck my dick in a V socket. Europe, at least the Netherlands and Belgium, never had volt. All in all a pretty incorrect article, alas.

Johnathan Wuethrich Lol thanks for that laugh. Dave degrees out of phase is just the same phase in opposite polarity, it is actually only single phase, and yes, in this case it is simple addition.

Officials from two European countries tell Newsweek that Trump’s comments about Russia’s hacking have alarmed several NATO partners because it suggests he either does not believe the. Critics say a proposal in the European Parliament would lead to legal content being blocked, even outside the EU. BIO-Europe Spring is the premier springtime partnering conference bringing together a “whoʼs who” from biotech, pharma and finance in the most innovative biopharma clusters in Europe for high-level networking, pre-scheduled partnering meetings, strategic panel discussions and more.

If there were indeed two phases then your statement would be correct, as in your volt example. If we did have two phases, then motors would not need capacitors. The three may not be equally spaced, or of equal voltage, but they will exist just the same.

They all used V a long time ago. My brother moved to the U. Charging your laptop in the US with a V power supply will require more power than charging it in Europe with a V power supply, for example. European plugs are designed in a way you can not get shocked while plugging something in, compared to the U.

It may drop about 20V, and everything would still work fine. A 20V drop in the U. Just because a lot of appliances work in with everything in between V and V.

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Not hating the U. Also, voltage in the US and other countries has been V for many years now, similar to how the EU harmonized to V. No European country has had a V system. What some countries had was a dual V system. As long as loads placed on a circuit are within the range it was designed for, V is more than good enough to run most appliances.

The Japanese have done extremely well on their V system.My girlfriend asked me this question this morning and since I explained it to her, I though why not write an article and explain to everyone of you about why does USA/UK use /V and others use /V.

Critics say a proposal in the European Parliament would lead to legal content being blocked, even outside the EU. Eastern Europe in a nutshell: Gorgeous girls, cheap beer, and old world charm.. What more could you want? This might just be the greatest region on the planet.

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Why europe

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