Why go to war

Background Fallow caused by emus Following World War Ilarge numbers of ex-soldiers from Australia, along with a number of British veterans, were given land by the Australian government to take up farming within Western Australia, often in marginal areas. With the onset of the Great Depression inthese farmers were encouraged to increase their wheat crops, with the government promising—and failing to deliver—assistance in the form of subsidies.

Why go to war

Facebook users in Myanmar in millions Sources: Most purchased smartphones with internet access. One app went viral: Many saw it as an all-in-one solution — offering a messaging system, news, and videos and other entertainment. It also became a status symbol, said Chris Tun, a former Deloitte consultant who advised the government.

And this was extremely popular. In Juneat least 80 people had died in riots and thousands of Rohingya were moved into squalid internment camps. Anti-Rohingya diatribes appeared on Facebook. Emails between the two show that Schrage put Callan in touch with internet.

Asked for comment, Schrage referred Reuters to a press person at Facebook. Matt Schissler, a doctoral student at the University of Michigan, said that between March and Decemberhe held discussions with Facebook officials in a series of calls and online communications.

He told them how the platform was being used to spread hate speech and false rumors in Myanmar, he said, including via fake accounts.

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A car stands next to a house that was burned down in Maungdaw in Rakhine State last year during a military campaign that the United States has denounced as ethnic cleansing. Human rights activists and researchers Why go to war they warned Facebook for years that its platform was being used to spread hate speech against Muslims in Myanmar.

It eventually was taken down. More than a dozen Facebook employees attended, he said. Two months later, Madden, the tech entrepreneur, gave a talk at Facebook headquarters about tensions and violence between Buddhists and Muslims. He left the meeting thinking his audience took the talk seriously and would take action.

So was the Myanmar government. A Buddhist man and a Muslim man were killed in the fighting. The Myanmar government asked Tun, then a Deloitte consultant, to contact the company.

Why go to war

Tun said he eventually helped to arrange meetings between the government and Facebook. For years, the social media giant invested scant resources in combating hate speech in the country. Inthe social media behemoth had just one content reviewer who spoke Burmese: A second Burmese speaker began working in earlythe messages show.

Why go to war

In Manila — the original site of the outsourced Project Honey Badger — there were no content reviewers who spoke Burmese. People who reviewed Myanmar content there spoke English. They were stretched thin: Accenture slowly began to hire more Burmese speakers.

With the help of volunteer translators, Facebook also introduced a Burmese-language interface. In an office tower in Kuala Lumpur, teams of content monitors are assigned to handle different Asian countries, not just Myanmar.

Facebook said in a statement: The communications man Former content monitors said they often each had to make judgments on 1, or more potentially problematic content items a day, although the number is now understood to be less.

In response, Facebook said: Former content monitors also said they were trained to err on the side of keeping content on Facebook. The sun rises behind the entrance sign to the Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park, California, ina time when only 1.

Six years on, the company has 18 million users in the country, about a third of the population. But a company official acknowledged to Reuters that its systems have difficulty interpreting Burmese script because of the way the fonts are often rendered on computer screens, making it difficult to identify racial slurs and other hate speech.

Consider a post Reuters found from August of last year. In Burmese, the post says: Guy Rosen, vice president of product management, wrote in a blog post on Facebook in May about the problems the company faced in identifying hate speech.

Facebook officials say they have no immediate plans to hire any employees in Myanmar itself. But the company does contract with local agencies for tasks unrelated to content monitoring. Larmon has expressed strong opinions on the Rohingya. Toward the end ofthe Myanmar army launched an onslaught across some 10 villages after Rohingya militants attacked border posts.Nations go to war to gain access to new lands, to gain access to economic resources and to defend themselves against perceived threats from other entities.

Nations throughout history have gone to war based on differences in . 5. Our profligate, high-tech approach to war, including those Predator and Reaper drones armed with Hellfire missiles, has served to limit American casualties -- and so has limited the anger over, and harsh questioning of, our wars that might go with them.

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Aug 15,  · The remarks are among more than 1, examples Reuters found of posts, comments, images and videos attacking the Rohingya or other Myanmar Muslims that were on . Jan 22,  · As to why we go to war, there has been a long history on the subject and a complete list would be truly lengthy.

The ultimate reason is the same- the politically powerful (in democracies this can be read as "popular") want something and are willing to commit the lives of young people to getting it. The Civil War, the award-winning film produced and directed by Ken Burns, was rebroadcast as a newly restored, high-definition version in September of The rebroadcast coincided with the.

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